Q. Where do you source your hair

A.  My hair comes directly from the source


Q: What is Virgin hair?

A: Virgin hair has never been colored, perm, tinted or chemically treated in any way.

This means the hair can be matched to the wearer, it can be colored, blow dry, flat iron straight and curled to create any look you desire.

Natural Love Hair ensures that its hair is ethically sourced and is of the finest quality for our customers.

Q. How often do I wash my hair?

A.  Once every 2 weeks because if you wash it often without drying it properly your real hair underneath with start to form mildew.

Q: What is Processed Hair?

A: All human hair has a cuticle layer.  When the hair turns in the opposite direction they will catch with each other and cause the hair to mat.  This is where the cuticle is stripped.  Processing the hair does not mean cleaning the hair,  it’s just easier for factories to deal with tangling and matting.

Process hair has a silicone layer that makes it harder to tell the direction by feel.  The silicone layer is put over the hair that previously had the cuticle stripped.  Silicone makes the hair feel smooth to the touch in each direction and looks shiny.

When you shampoo the hair each time the silicone wears off and the hair becomes dry leaving the hair with a dull appearance.

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